• Media Influence and Addiction

    In this paper, I will demonstrate the many faces of social networks and their impact on our daily lives and on society. In the last two decades, the popularity of social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Tik-Tok has grown exponentially. Some studies have been made on problems like addiction, bullying, political mingling, and terrorism. […]

  • Is Google making us stupid?

    We are living a revolution of the mind and how we learn. Stay tuned for the Metaverse. The impact of the internet on our lives is not even measured properly at this moment. Its impact on the brain and cognitive behavior is immense. I’m the first millennial! (Some would call me Xennial) I was born […]

  • Pandemic Workplace Relationship Trends

  • Objectification of women in the media

    In this paper, I will demonstrate the reality of the objectification of womenin the media. The many platforms that we use are channels for content designedto sell us a product, influence attention, and alter our behavior. Many studies haveshown that women are portrayed more than often as sexually available and a productlinked directly to consumerism. […]

  • Mass media and social revolution

    In this paper, we will demonstrate the many reasons why we need to focus on regulating the impacts of large entities on mass media. The government and corporations use mass media to manipulate and coerce the taxpayers in a direction that is predictable. From these predictions, they can forecast budgets and trends in the political […]

  • Cultural Copyright and Ethics

    Cultural appropriation is the adoption of an element or elements of one culture or identity by members of another culture or identity. This can be controversial when members of a dominant culture appropriate for disadvantaged minority cultures. There is a problem when artists appropriate cultural icons of indigenous people. I do not have a problem […]

  • Designers as Authors

    If we speak on a business vantage point, the designer should perform and create wealth. But as an artist/author you should share to the world, or just to yourself a vision of beauty or ugly. I agree with messengers. People that can use a talent to express something. The meaning of words and images. Communicate […]

  • The Vocabulary of Visual Communication

    Symbols and icons are similar but represent a different form of message. People use symbols to identify concepts, ideas, and religions. It can have cultural values. A peace sign or symbol on a wall delivers a clear concept that has only ideological value and no real image in everyday life. Numbers and letters are icons of science and language. They represent a certain form of knowledge without sharing a […]

  • The difference between Art and Design

    Art and design are everywhere, it surrounds us. Some photographers take credit for the wonderful design of the nature of things. Add some color here and there in photoshop or paint strokes on a print and you have a masterpiece. Or not. Art is a chaotic energy and design is a code to contemplate it. […]